The Application: Cold Storage Monitoring

Tako devices for monitoring refrigerators and freezers help you verify that everything is constantly stored at the correct temperature. They monitor standard refrigerator and freezer temperatures and even ultra-low freezer temperatures and they function as data loggers so you can prove that the temperatures remained in the correct range. They can also monitor critical conditions… Continue reading The Application: Cold Storage Monitoring

The Application: Medical Cold Storage

When you are responsible for medical tissue samples, critical vaccines, and other assets stored in medical grade refrigerators or freezers, disaster is always looming — especially when you aren’t at work. Medical and pharmaceutical products can be ruined if the exact temperature is not maintained while in storage. And chances are you need a continuous temperature… Continue reading The Application: Medical Cold Storage

The Application: Semiconductor

In the semiconductor industry, the key is vacuum pumps. Sometimes it removes gas from an area, leaving a partial vacuum behind; other times a vacuum pump will remove water from one area to another, as a sump pump does in a basement. Oftentimes, vacuum pumps are used in an industrial setting to produce vacuum tubes and electric lamps, and to process semiconductors. Now what… Continue reading The Application: Semiconductor