The Application: Cold Storage Monitoring

Tako devices for monitoring refrigerators and freezers help you verify that everything is constantly stored at the correct temperature. They monitor standard refrigerator and freezer temperatures and even ultra-low freezer temperatures and they function as data loggers so you can prove that the temperatures remained in the correct range.

They can also monitor critical conditions like power failure, equipment failure, and water leaks, providing instant alerts via email or text when a condition falls outside your preset parameter. You get a cost-effective early warning system as well as detailed data logs and reports to demonstrate compliance.

Tako devices monitor ultra-low temperature freezers and refrigerators to protect valuable foods, rare or collectable wines and beverages. These systems are ideal for:

  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Food processing and storage facilities
  • Food service
  • Retail locations

Tako devices track changing environmental conditions like tempearture, which can help operators prevent costly problems and dangerous accidents, help avert downtime, and maintain peak operating performance — for thousands of dollars in potential savings.


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