The Tako Process

When dealing with potential clients, Tako has a unique 6 step process for handling your predictive maintenance needs.

  1. Determine

What is your critical asset? What can’t you afford to lose? What sinks your ship? Tako is adept at finding and locating that piece of critical equipment that when offline, brings your company down

2. Diagnose

What causes the majority of your problems? Together, we discover the malfunctions most common to your critical equipment.

3. Customize

Taking what we’ve learned, we craft your completely customized, smart monitoring system, designed around the exact needs of your assets.

4. Install and Monitor

We install and begin providing live-feed, Cloud based information available to you anytime, anywhere.

5. Predict

Using predictive smart maintenance data, we anticipate and warn against future equipment breakdowns.

6. Live the Life You Want

With Tako, you can now monitor the equipment that matters to you. Take a day at the beach, spend a day in the mountains, go home for an afternoon. Get out and live- we’ll cover for you.



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