A Little About Us

Greetings readers!

We’d like to share a little bit about our vision behind our product. And I guess this whole company started with machinery and it breaking down.

Machinery has always operated the same way- it works until it doesn’t. From this point, everything around it must react. Rather than things running smoothly, operators must alter their schedule to account for their critical assets failing. New production materials no longer travel out the door, supervisors become unhappy, and many of the operations of the workplace grind to a halt.

The status quo remains the status quo for a reason: when nothing is present to challenge it, its continued existence is allowed. And when it’s existence is maintained, risk is averted, but growth remains untapped.

The Status Quo Sucks- George Carlin

We at Tako agree, and have decided to do our part in changing it.

For years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a device that could move machine and man alike from a reactive to a proactive state. We are now proud to say that we’ve done so, and can offer smart monitoring capabilities across a wide broadband of applications.

Everything really is easier with more arms, and Tako is happy to provide those arms. Through smart sensing, any user now has the ability to monitor any and all critical equipment in their facility from anywhere, at any time.

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