The Application: Semiconductor

In the semiconductor industry, the key is vacuum pumps.

Sometimes it removes gas from an area, leaving a partial vacuum behind; other times a vacuum pump will remove water from one area to another, as a sump pump does in a basement. Oftentimes, vacuum pumps are used in an industrial setting to produce vacuum tubes and electric lamps, and to process semiconductors.

Now what does this have to do with Tako?

Glad you asked. Tako’s vision is that life is easier with more arms. It’s our creed, it’s what we live and abide by. Same thing can be said in the semiconductor industry: a few extra arms could go a long way. Identifying the piece of equipment crucial to your operation is what Tako specializes in, and in the semiconductor industry, most would agree that the vacuum pump is what keeps semiconductor companies in production. When the all important vacuum pump is down, semiconductor companies lose the ability to continue the process of producing silicon wafers, which results in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars by the minute.

If only there was a way to provide predictive maintenance before the vacuum pump went down, resulting in no loss of time, nor money…

That is where Tako comes in.

Our sensors have been geared for a simple installation process (they mount directly on your equipment) to provide an in depth analysis of temperature, flow, vibration, and many more areas that need sensing for your vacuum pumps. With Tako’s smart box, we are able to not only monitor your pumps, but also remotely start or stop them whenever you need. If you get a notification that your pump is heating up, with one click of a button, your pump can be turned off to prevent further damage. It’s as simple as that.

Stay tuned for more industry related applications in the future! Vacuum pumps are only the beginning!



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